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Who is Consumer Priority Service?

Consumer Priority Service was founded on the belief that consumers deserve better service. Putting the satisfaction of the consumer at the forefront of their corporate policy has driven our company to be among the very best at post sale service both on and offline. Their lineup of consumer protection products can be found at America’s largest retailers as well as America’s best boutique shops. Although some Authorized Dealers compete with each other they all share one common belief – Consumers Deserve A Better Service Provider. That is why we have selected Consumer Priority service, a place where you, our mutual customer, is Always Our Priority.

Why do I need this?

Consumer Priority Service Extended Protection plans provides you with easy protection from potentially high future repair costs. Planning ahead and taking action now can save you the stress of dealing with an unqualified servicer should your product become defective. Saving time and money is in everybody’s best interests. We are here for you.

What is covered?

CPS Protection Plans are extensions of your manufacturers’ written warranty with several added bonus features. Any malfunctions that would normally be covered within the terms and conditions of the original written warranty would be covered through the life of the Consumer Priority Service Extension.
“Our Shield Means You're Protected.“

Benefits of owning a Consumer Priority Service Plan

Total access

With CPS you can file a claim for repair or replacement 24 hours a day 7 days a week through their consumer network.

Product replacement plan

Any product that plugs in or takes a battery qualifies for this program. If your product fails to operate properly under the terms of its written warranty, CPS will replace it, No Questions Asked!


Consumer Priority Service provides complete international coverage anywhere in the world.

No-lemon warranty

If their authorized service center determines your product to be beyond economical repair or they have unsuccessfully attempted to repair your product three times, CPS will replace your product.

Peace of mind

Owning a CPS service plan virtually guarantees that you will get years of use from your product through the duration of the plan.

If you have any questions or need help ordering by mail, please contact us at (415) 392-1100.